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Creating strategic marketing plans that help our customers grow utilizing web design, strategic marketing, design and production.

APV Communications Incorporated specializes in creating strategic marketing plans that help our customers understand the true value of their goods and services to articulate that value clearly.

Deciding Which Sandbox to Play In
Just as important as what is being sold, is the identification of an ideal customer profile. Identifying your ideal customer profile is deciding where lies the best chances for success.  By quantifying characteristics of companies most likely to allow you to sell your goods and services profitably, we can efficiently target those customers. We call this “deciding which sandbox to play in.”

While there is a universe of potential customers, deciding which are the most attractive prospects in terms of sales success and profitability is essential part of creating a strategic marketing plan.

Strategically Using Resources
Given that every company has finite resources,  a key component of our service is determining the best ways to reach our potential customers with the resources available. This starts with helping our clients establish a marketing budget.

What the marketing budget has been established, determining the most effective ways those resources can be allocated based upon all of the available means of communication. The ways in which budgets are allocated vary greatly depending upon the audience. Tactics that we might use to reach a CEO would be very different than the tactics that we would use to reach the consumer. Coming up with a blend of communication  methods tailored to our target audience and that use our resources in the most efficient way possible is one of the most important services we provide.

Measurable Results
Once a strategic marketing communications plan has been put into place there must be marketing metrics in place that demonstrate clearly the return on investment. Sales conversions, inquiry rates, requests for literature, phone inquiries, website visits are some of the tangible and quantifiable results of effective marketing. Comprehensive tracking and reporting of trending and conversions allows us to communicate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Marketing Communications

  • articulate your unique selling proposition
  • identify your ideal customer profile
  • creating a strategic plan to maximize the use of your marketing resources
  • measure your return on investment
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