Our branding – marketing – design process

How does it work? What is our methodology? We’ll break it down for you.

Over the last 15 years (and with hundreds of brands built), we have developed and perfected this process so you get results that will increase revenue and enhance your brand equity. Heck, we guarantee it!

The system is actually fairly simple, but the parts and pieces involved are reliant on one another to work. In other words, it’s not a piecemeal program. Once successfully implemented, we guarantee you’ll be rewarded with a marketing program that runs and works like a well-oiled machine.

Step 1 | Determine your budget and engage APV Communications

  • Determine which brand assets (tool tip: These are the actual designs and media we create to brand and market your site, such as your logo, presentations, blog, etc.) need to be created.
  • Work with APV Communications to determine (for your particular industry) which online and offline strategies will be used to market these brand assets.
  • Engage APV Communications via a customized proposal or choose form one of our packages, which are structured into affordable monthly payments and can be added to as you grow.

Step 2 | Discovery & Consulting

Through discovery and on-going consulting, we take the time to understand your business from the outside looking in. We turn this understanding into a simple, yet informative Creative Brief that is created by gathering information from your company and expanding upon it via online/offline discussions. *Note – In order to keep your costs down, we offer some services which rely on client input only. The above discovery and consulting do not apply to these contracts. After the brief is created, we put our focus toward building your website architecture and site map. We approach these deliverables by considering what will be intuitive to what your CUSTOMERS (not your board) want and need to see, allowing them to quickly find key information using web 2.0 technologies. Together we will create an initial strategy to outline the required media and marketing programs for your organization. We will also plan engagement, conversion and specific website goals so we can measure, track and refine our content and strategy. This strategy is constantly analyzed and tweaked based on actual customer behavior, which is essential for successful branding and adaptation to your customers’ wants and needs. Sites and brands need to remain in constant evolution; this is not the set and forget era.

Step 3 | Design and Development of Brand Assets

Let us first define what we mean by brand assets. Your brand assets are things that make customers like, trust and want to interact with your company. This includes everything from your logo to a fully interactive website. Here is a common list of brand assets we develop for a typical brand building project:

This covers most of the must-haves, although we do offer many more services. Once these assets are designed and in place, it is time to put them to work so they can start impressing your customers and earning you business!

Step 4 | Ongoing Marketing and Advertising

It’s time to get found. While we love a bit of “outbound marketing” such as email marketing, adverting, etc., we also concentrate on “inbound marketing.” This means making sure your customers find you when they are looking for help, education or solutions to a problem. For example, when a prospect is searching Google for a solution to their problem and that problem is something your products or services can solve, you want that prospect to find YOU, not your competitors. You need to make sure you can be found where your audience “hangs out” online and offline.

After we complete step 3 we then have a powerful and persuasive brand to work with. In this next step we build and follow an actual plan to attract, impress, and nurture your audience all the way through the buying cycle. Here are some of our top strategies we put in place for companies that rely on the IWS BrandXcel System:

Not to be overlooked, an important part of our ongoing marketing and advertising efforts is Analytics review. We spend time throughout the process to review and enhance what’s working and what’s not working to ensure you’re getting the best possible results. We make recommendations along the way to keep improving the results of your marketing program.

That covers the majority of recommended marketing tactics. Feel free to email us or call 201-438-3544 to discuss further.

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