“We hired Jeff to create a new website for us this summer. We were in strong need of a hands-on, creative individual to help us totally revamp our website. We asked Jeff to create a site that would show our customers our company culture and core values, our creativity and promotional expertise in our speciality verticals and our innovative concepts and designs. Jeff and his company turned out to be the perfect fit for the job.

Jeff started the process with in depth interviews with our managment, reviewing our work and talking with our customers. Jeff presented a series of concepts and designs and was open and honest with us during the design phase. Jeff’s creative suggestions and patience allowed us to find the perfect image that accomplished the intial goals we wanted in our new site. Jeff and his team worked hard and finding the right balance of conveying our message and spent the time necessary to ensure every aspect of the project was completed on time and on target.

The characteristic that is most commendable is Jeff’s ability to work with many personalities and listen to the needs of his customers. We have a very creative culture at Progressive Promotions. Jeff realized our demands would require constant feedback and then making changes to our requests, approach, and manner. I believe he was able to make significant improvements because of his commitment to do so. This and other valuable characteristics, is very valuable to any organization interested in creating a websites or marketing program that truly reflect the company’s work and culture.

Lastly, Jeff was a great motivator and mentor to our team. The employees in our organization were inspired and prepared to work with Jeff as they saw his commitment to making our site new, fresh and innovative. With his expertise and guidence our whole team wanted to became involved in our design endeavor.

I would highly recommend Jeff and his company for honest, reliable and very creative design expertise.”
Service Category: Graphic/Web Designer
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Donna Anastasio
Executive Vice President, Progressive Promotions Inc.

“When choosing a company to spearhead the relaunch of our website, www.ourniche.com, APV Communications was undoubtedly the best choice for our needs. Jeff and his team were very dedicated and committed, even coming into our office to learn about our products to better understand the task at hand.  They were able to take our existing, static website, and transform it into a beautifully designed and user friendly site; now our company’s main core for information.  I highly recommend APV Communications and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Lindsey Anderson
Art Director, Niche Import Co.

“We’ve been very impressed with APV’s professionalism and their resourcefulness in providing us with promotional and design needs. They have been properly assessed the strengths of our company and provided us with materials and ideas that have been right on target. We’re especially impressed with the fact that they have met all our guidelines and provided us with materials which well within our budget. The materials they have developed for our company have been well received by our current and prospective clients. We have received very favorable comments from people both in and outside our organization. We are pleased with the work that APV Communications has done for our company and looking to build upon this relationship as both our companys grow in the future.”

Bruce Patterson
Vice President of Marketing, Preserver Group

“As a pharmaceutical company, one of the most important printed documents we produce is prescribing information, which must accompany our medications. The group I work with relies on APV to understand the legal and regulatory issues surrounding these documents. The APV team is consistently diligent, conscientious and cable when it comes to managing the careful editing and layout of these documents for a variety of applications.“

Ann Spina-Sperling
Consultant, Berlex Laboratories Inc.

“APV Communications has significantly increased the reach that we have to Fortune 100 and 500 customers by working with us to develop a completely new website for our company along with developing unbelievable marketing and communication pieces such as customized brochures and individual advertising selects. It was a pleasure working with APV and their staff. They gave us so many great creative ideas and they were always very very responsive to our needs, meeting with all our deadlines, along with staying with budgetary requirements.”

Frank Pinto
President and CEO, Challenge Training and Consulting

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