Passaic County Water Commission provides clean drinking water to millions of residents living in northern New Jersey.

We are proud to announce the launch of this comprehensive public resource for all residents of Passaic County, New Jersey served by PVWC.

This new online portal was launched late December. Starting in February of 2014, we began the bidding process for this project and APV Communications was chosen to redesign this dynamically driven web portal from a dozen or so firms from around the country. It was our mix of an integrated marketing and design background along with superior technical skills that allowed us to prevail and win this project.

This new site allows customers to login and view and pay their bill on line, be informed of service alerts and water conditions and a wide array of other consumer information. Some of those features include resources to help customers understand their bill, information on digging to prevent water main damage, public minutes of meetings and bids and whole range of other information.

With over 150 pages of information, this site is an amazing resource.

Scheduled for January of 2015, a second phase will be released, a Spanish language version of the site. With the large Hispanic population of Passaic County, it makes a great deal of sense to provide this resource in Spanish language translation.