Print Design

Print media and print design services has certainly shifted, but still plays a vital role in your marketing and brand image.

What exactly is a “Sales Kit” (Sale Collaterial Materials)?

Put simply it is a well-structured folder brochure…usually featuring interactive “inserts” to allow customization and updating of core information. They are often accompanied by a pamphlet, sales sheet (or “slick” as they were called in the old days) or even a tri-fold brochure. The collaborative effort of the total package should represent a brand synergy that tells the user that this company cares about their image…and the impact it makes upon their target audience. (Therefore they care about their clients!)

Why Sales Kits Work

Sales Kits emulate online experience because they are interactive. When designed properly (a rarity) they should introduce the company and the company’s core offerings in a benefit-oriented approach. The core areas should then be “surf-able” via interactive inserts which can be updated and managed internally through templates. Lastly, interested prospects should be invited to a course of action using targeted “calls to actions.”


Brochures still serve a very important function as a leave behind and hand out. Brochures in today’s primarily online environment should be a quick hitter of key corporate information and direct benefits of your products or services. All brochures should redirect your customer towards several conversion goals, and give the viewer a reason to further interact with your brand. We like slightly oversized brochures, that are folded 2-3 times. For certain industries (such as ones offering training, education, catalog sales, etc) we also like booklet style or saddle-stitched brochures.

A leave behind can also be viral, in that it can be passed around to co-workers, friends and family, etc. This exposes your brand to more potential prospects. There is also something very impactful about the feel of a craftfully designed and well printed piece on high quality paper. It is sensuous, great to touch, great to look at.

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