Excellence in Typography

APV Communications has been helping firms develop their company brands by producing outstanding excellence in typography.


Beautifully laid out and formatted type adds beauty and legibility to important documents such as brochures, advertisements, scientific and medical publications and packaging and any other printed literature.

We specialize in fine typography, balanced, elegant and accurate.

The Food and Drug Administration consider Medication Guides, the literature accompanying prescription medication, to be “part of the drug” as that packaging component is critical. We have been producing high quality typography for companies such as Hoffman La Roche, Berlex Labs, Bristol Myers Squibb and many other companies for the past 17 years. Drug launches and revisions are serious business and these companies depend on us to to produce the highest quality typography and layout, quickly and accurately.

Banks and Financial are also mandated to provide detailed disclosures on credit and lending practices. We have worked for Visa and Master Card, providing high quality, accurate typography.

Typography for:
Print advertising and promotion
Pharmaceutical companies – Med Guides, Physicians Inserts, Advertising and Packaging
Medical Advertising Agencies
Banking and Credit Institutions: Financial Disclosure
Annual Reports
Real Estate Forecasts

Computer generated typography has become easier and faster over the years but these tools have not replaced talent, knowledge and vision. We pride ourselves on providing beautiful typography as part of any design we create or produce.

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