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From Discovery to planning site architecture and conversion tactics.

A large part of what makes APV Communications unique is our approach to building and rejuvenating brands and supporting their ongoing marketing campaigns. Brands and marketing campaigns are not “plug-and-play” they need constant analysis, fresh ideas, inventive strategies, A/B testing, and new products and services.

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What you say and how you say it is everything. Let us help you.

Persuasive content development and copywriting:

APV takes copywriting to the next level with what we call “Persuasive Content Optimization.”

We start by understanding your current sales process and help sculpt it to match your customers’ buying habits. The better the synergy between the two, the better your conversion ratio and sales results.
Your customer’s view: outside looking in.

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Your company name and tagline form the foundation of your brand identity.

Your business name and tagline determine how your prospects perceive you. Both must work together to help a prospect decide if your company is worth learning more about. For example, your prospects might wonder…

What type of company is this?
Is this a company I can trust?
Is it likely that they offer something I need or want?
Can I picture myself doing business with this company?

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