Strategy and Marketing Consulting

From Discovery to planning site architecture and conversion tactics.

A large part of what makes APV Communications unique is our approach to building and rejuvenating brands and supporting their ongoing marketing campaigns. Brands and marketing campaigns are not “plug-and-play” they need constant analysis, fresh ideas, inventive strategies, A/B testing, and new products and services.

Big companies know this. That’s why you see big brands like Gatorade®, McDonald’s® and Starbucks® constantly coming out with new products – customers demand it. Newness matters.

Marketing Consulting Services and Support:

Our service doesn’t end with the launch of a new website or once we hand over a new marketing brochure. Instead our services take on a new role – collecting data like response rates, conversions, tweaking the system with enhancements, new content and press releases and really start to harness the power of your new online and offline marketing campaign.

Now is not the time to be static. Leaving your new marketing investment out in world unchecked, unanalyzed, and under-managed is unwise.

Here are some of the services we offer through our marketing consulting packages:

  • Review analytics of online user behavior
  • Offline and online meetings and conferences
  • Online & offline sales & awareness strategies
  • Discussion of goals and objectives regarding new marketing initiatives, ideas and strategies
  • Marketing and industry research
  • Customer research and profiling
  • Competitor espionage, including review of promotional strategies, Web strategies, product/service offerings, messaging, and key competitors’ positioning
  • Brainstorming for new product or service promotions, names, marketing strategies and positioning
  • Review of existing media, including suggestions on creative ways to enhance and promote your message and build value
  • Content writing for new message ideas, review and optimization, and copy (press releases, articles, etc.)
  • Social marketing strategies

Our marketing and business experts look forward to working as your “in house” marketing team. Your needs will be our top priorities, and our experienced team will ensure that your brand is in a constant state of positive evolution.

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