Email Marketing

The #1 tactic and best return on investment (ROI)

This powerful marketing tool is used to keep in touch with clients; introduce new products and services; announce staff changes, upcoming events and awards; and communicate anything your prospects might find interesting.  Engage, engage, engage!

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the return on investment (ROI) for each dollar spent on e-mail marketing is $57.25. This makes e-mail marketing the highest ROI across all marketing channels.

APV Communications Email Marketing Services (A 3 Step Process)

  1. Customized Email Design – Our designs will match your existing brand and include many interactive features. Additionally, your new custom email templates can be coded in HTML and tested in Outlook 2003,  2007 and 2010.
  2. Email Content Development – Many clients simply don’t have the time or resources to write interesting and informative campaigns. Our creative team will help you choose a topic, discuss and refine the idea, and write the article that you want.
  3. Email Distribution – Using one of many services APV Communications can help you upload, test and launch your campaign. This can be done hourly through one of our support packages or quoted on a per project basis.

We have plans to help you market like larger companies on a small business budget. How? We will design your template or custom email and provide you with creative ideas for messaging, offers, landing pages, promotions, etc. We will even write the copy for you! No need to staff an entire creative team, we can handle this for you for less than the price of one single employee! Much less.

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