Hoffman La-Roche Medical Illustrations


3d Medical Illustrations for Hoffman La-Roche. At APV Communications we provide full service illustration, animation, and design for the medical and scientific community. We have experience producing state of the art illustrations and animations for a wide range of projects, including pharmaceutical method-of-action, medical devices, editorial, and textbooks.

Medical Line Art Illustrations

Medical and Pharmaceutical Line Drawings for FDA compliance in packaging and instruction of prescription and non prescription medication. Medical Line Art illustrations are used to demonstrate the correct usage, dosage or administering of medications or the correct use of medical devices. Our team produces Quality Medical Line Art has been sited by the FDA as [...]

Technical Line Illustration Drawings

Technical Line Illustrations created with one or several spot colors. Highly detailed and accurate, these illustrations are used in instruction manuals, operating manuals or other print and electronic media. Created as vector computer artwork, these line illustrations are razor sharp and infinitely scalable as they are not resolution dependent. Instead, these illustrations are created using [...]