Custom Web Design Development

Exclusively designed for your brand and online strategy.

What does “custom website design” really entail?: Each and every element, down to the pixel….is STRATEGICALLY PLANNED, designed and created specifically for your business or organization.

Of course sites planned and designed with this level of strategy and detail will cost more than a template or any fast turnaround so called “custom site’ but we recommend you pinch pennies elsewhere. This is your MOST important communication tool and will affect and influence your customers more than all other media combined.

A strategically designed website starts with a PLAN that clarifies who you are, what you do and why it matters. It also should include a strategy to share all relevant content in a way that is harmoniously in synch with your engagement plan and conversion goals. This is the time to WOW your customers and convince them that you are the clear an obvious choice, regardless of price.

Ok, you convinced me I’ve read enough! I’d like a quote.

What components go into custom website design?

You tell us, because the number and type of components vary with each site and each business’s unique needs. But there are some essential and popular elements at the core of the design process that are always required:

  • Discovery, strategy planning, project management, research and consulting
  • Project management – From start to finish your entire project will be managed but a highly trained web developer.
  • Site navigation design and architecture – So crucial. This sets the pace for your entire brand experience.
  • Homepage style and design – This is the most important part of your site and where we focus the bulk of the design time. A typical homepage has many parts, including the header, menus, main display area (usually interactive), secondary content area (also interactive), advertising and widget areas and footer.
  • Subpage styles – This is the main template that drives your customers through your site. At times there are multiple unique subpage styles needed.
  • Form style – This is used for all types of data submission, video submission, contacting, blogging, registering and ordering items online.
  • Blog style – This is one of the fastest ways to build a web presence, promote news, interact with potential customers and enhance your SEO efforts.
  • Unique custom styles – Every site is different, and each page may need a unique design, imagery or animation to get across key information effectively.
  • Landing page style – This is used for lead captures, promotions, specials, events, webinars and more. It allows you to increase the ROI of your advertising campaigns and web traffic measurably, and also to test offers and measure results within a specified environment.
  • CMS and development platform – Our CMS allows authorized users to modify text, graphics and subpages easily on the website, without any need for technical HTML knowledge.

What other elements can be included in your site?

  • E-commerce design and style for cart of choice (usually 5-10 page styles)
  • Back-end client portal styles (for clients to log in, submit support requests, download private reports, etc.)
  • Category page styles
  • Product page styles

Web design shops and agencies: How to choose the firm that’s right for you

You’ll find that minimum spend ranges from a few thousand dollars to somewhere in the high six figures. In addition to considering the cost, be sure to ask firms the following questions:

  • What is your discovery process? How much time will the firm dedicate to your project? How many meetings can you have? Do meetings cost extra? We allocate at least 20 hours and often recommend more.
  • How much time goes into design? How many revisions are you allowed? What if you HATE the design? Beware the curve balls the large commodity site brokers throw you, it’s the old bait and hook.
  • How long have you been in business? APV Communications has been in business since 1997.
  • How many projects are in your portfolio? (And how good is the work?) A few samples are not sufficient. We post every unclassified project to our online portfolio for all to judge.
  • Do you guarantee my satisfaction and an Return on Investment (ROI)? We do.

Consider this: If you hired APV Communications and our creative services helped increase your sales by seven figures, would you care if our services cost more than those of a mass-produced service provider? Of course not! And that’s what building a world-class brand backed by highly effective marketing strategies can do for you. We can’t guarantee that you’ll make millions right away, but we DO guarantee a return on your investment!

The APV Communications web design process:

Our process begins with an in-depth discovery session where we delve into all aspects of your business, including your market position, sales and marketing strategy, engagement plan, and conversion goals.

We employ this full-throttle web design process because it allows us to create engaging customer experiences that make customers WANT to interact with your site to learn, discover and become seriously impressed. We combine business understanding, magnificent design, cutting-edge functionality and business-generating marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

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