Blog Design

This branding component becomes your communication and social platform.

A Custom Blog Boosts Brand Equity, Increases Traffic and Keeps Your Customers Informed.

How does a Blog fit into your business’ marketing strategy? Can it actually encourage readers to buy your products and services? Can it promote your brand? Can it increase website traffic? YES! A properly designed and populated Blog can do all of this and more. But first things first, we must look at what a Blog actually is.

What is a Blog?

The term “Blog” is derived from the words “web” and “log” and is essentially an online repository for information about your company and products.  Blogs are great tools for posting company news, events, promotions, announcements, product news and releases, customer nurturing content and so much more. A Blog also serves as a free public relations mechanism to announce virtually anything to, not only to your existing customers, but to the entire world (including leading media sources).

Blogs are monitored, tracked and even promoted by large search engines such as Google and other specific Blog engines. They are categorized by subject matter, industry and topic…and can be picked up by search engines and shared around the world. Blogs are also frequently updated, which is important in web and search marketing, as explained below.

The Blog “network” and how it affects your search rankings

In addition to providing information, Blogs act as excellent networking tools, letting prospects, vendors, customers and media read, link to and even make comments on your postings. These comments can be monitored, edited or even disallowed at your discretion. Blogs can also feature areas linking to related topics and more information on your business’ products and services. The more relevant links to your Blog, and hence your site, the more you improve your website’s “value” to most search engines. It is this linking and interlinking of Blogs that serves as a critically important tool for web and search engine marketing.

Custom Blog design and development

Using a “free” or poorly designed Blog can make a poor impression on readers and also result in devalued SEO “credits.” However, a custom designed Blog creates an impact that encourages a prospect to want to learn more about your business or organization.

It is important to consider that your Blog design will dramatically affect the way your prospects and community interact with your Blog. Our Blog design services assure that your Blog will be visually appealing and will align with your marketing strategy and conversion goals.

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