Interactive Homepage Design

Upgrade your homepage to feature interactive “scenes” and modules to organize content.

APV Communications specializes in designing websites for nearly all industries. One of our favorite features is a homepage that engages and impresses visitors with an interactive experience that allows them to get essential content on-demand without leaving the page. This encourages visitors to engage in behavior that is aligned with your specific website goals and conversion strategies.

Animated “multi-scene” homepage

Using various technologies such as FLASH, jQuery, Java Script/Ajax, CSS3 and HTML 5 options, we can add some “flash” to your brand by displaying your message in a time-lined and customer controlled format. Scenes can be mini slide shows, animations, embedded video or virtually anything that will impress customers and encourage them to interact. APV will work with you determine the most compelling and relevant content for your visitors and design attractive backgrounds to complete the scenes.

With an animated homepage, instead of seeing a (boring) static message, the customer will see a dynamic (interesting!) scene dedicated to your overarching message (who you are, what you do, why they care), as well as supplemental scenes targeted to various services/products, promotions, testimonials, etc.

Interactive secondary content module design

This design element features the use of sliders and tabs to house large amounts of content in a small area. This shortens your page size (no scrolling!) and allows you to control what the user sees without causing a cluttered feel. The user can then interact and “call up” information on-demand that matters to them, such as your blog news, specials, downloads, newsletter, social interactions, etc. The standard secondary content module includes four tabs and styles for content layout.

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